Welcome to Taarasai

Taarasai Massage Centre was established in 1998 at Chennai, we do this service hereditarily for a long period. We offer a style of unique massage therapy called soft issue action massage including yoga style exercise also to our clients in Chennai. We have an expertise with our techniques, which communicates with client's body enabling, them to explore the feel of freshness and fitness. We provide quality health services and facilities, to promote wellness, to relieve suffering and to restore health swiftly, through our commitment to excellence and service.

Our therapeutic services are offered in a relaxing environment where we listen to your concerns and utilize our expertise to guide you to better health. Through our therapeutic wellness care, we help you achieve deep relaxation, improved flexibility and greater vitality. The Wellness Center employs only professionally trained therapists who have skill, talent and experience that will meet our clients expectations for a quality massage experience.

We follow the a unique style called the STAM therapy. Just like the way stem holds a plant, our STAM therapy will hold your body in a 'paragon' state of comfort and strength, which obviously boosts your performance in daily life.

Our development team with experience and skillful people helps to assemble a massage therapy in Velachery, Chennai successfully. Personal Care, allow customers to select the service that will guide their experience and create their desired results and they can find balance and harmony through our signature and technical wellness therapies. Visit us today to take a step towards better health.


As we mentioned about the various stresses that can cause trouble in our body, we now do our scientific massage to relieve those stresses. When we release the stress knots in your body, you get a new type of energy and it also avoids future calamities like stroke.[ Read More ]


The major headache and a physical disadvantage of the current generation is the back pain. Especially the IT people have found it a rather persistent problem. Even middle aged and old people are so desperate that they take sleeping pills to suppress this trouble. We provide you with the scientific and a comfortable way to get rid of this problem.
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